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Heating with Propane
Safe and reliable fuel solutions
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Heating & System Tanks

Home Heating

LPG distributors and marketers choose Worthington Enterprises as a one-stop-shop for all sizes of propane tanks. Our propane heating tanks are designed to be a quiet, reliable source for heating and power to commercial patio heaters, gas logs and pool heaters.

Safety is serious when it comes to propane cylinders. Our customers tell us they rest easier knowing that we test our cylinders beyond standard safety regulations, including dual-leak testing to ensure reliability. 
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Heating & System Tanks

Outdoor Living

Whether you're spending time at home or out on the town enjoying a patio setting with friends, propane can power a backyard barbecue or firepit, extend pool season, or give you more months to dine al fresco.
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Portable Propane Cylinders


We offer people the chance to have fun while enjoying the comforts of home—without thinking about the cylinders that make it all possible.  Whether you're staying for a little while, or for a season, our tank offering continues to fuel your fun.

Our propane tanks can be found at campgrounds, or on RVs, keeping you warm with a safe, high-quality product. We sell aluminum and steel portable propane cylinders to propane gas marketers, industrial gas distributors and retail outlets. 

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