People First Means Safety First
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Our Greatest Asset is Our People

Even one injury is too many. At Worthington Enterprises, we’ve created a culture where safety is the top priority. We’re constantly evaluating and strengthening our processes to protect our people and mitigate risk in our facilities.

100% Committed to ZERO Accidents or Injuries

Manufacturing can be a high-risk environment. We deploy and adhere to the industry’s highest standards of operation to help ensure our team and visitors are safe. And while we consistently trend lower on recordable rates than our industry peers according to OSHA data, we maintain a culture of continuous improvement to enhance safety.

Leading with Safety

Through our SafeWorks program, we actively review our procedures and prioritize safety metrics as a top performance goal for our teams. That’s one way we go above and beyond what is required by OSHA.

When we’re diligent and take action, we can identify hazards, reduce risk and implement new safety procedures. We encourage our team members to report an incident or near miss because acknowledging it means we could help prevent it in the future.

Why Safety Matters

When we take care of our people, they can work confidently and help avoid long-term physical issues. When our team members are productive, our customers benefit from a reliable workforce consistently producing  high-quality, high-performance products. And when our customers’ buyers can purchase with confidence the lifecycle comes full circle.


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