Red lawn mower with aluminum cylinders outside


LPG Aluminum Outdoor Equipment
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Red lawn mower with aluminum cylinders outside
33 lb outdoor buffer cylinder
33 lb outdoor buffer cylinder
20 lb outdoor buffer cylinder

The next generation of the aluminum cylinder. Our propane outdoor equipment cylinders are compatible with a variety of mower models.

Product features

  • Liquid prevention device that covers the end of the vapor tube
  • Fast fill valve equipped with OPD
  • Left-hand male and female safety couplers
  • Green collar for product differentiation in outdoor applications
  • Designed to standard specification DOT-4E-240
  • Horizontal use only. Vapor service only. Vertical fill.
  • Standard fittings include safety relief, float gauge, fixed liquid level and vapor service valve
  • Additional label includes “This side up” and “Horizontal use only”


Height20.3 - 34.1 in
Water Capacity47.6 - 103.6 lbs
Diameter12.3 in
Cylinder Volume1,318 2,868 cu in
Height516 - 866 mm
Water Capacity21.6 - 47 kg
Diameter312 mm
Cylinder Volume21.6 - 47 L

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