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Industry-Leading Technology

We’ve honed our manufacturing capabilities over more than six decades. From metal forming and metallurgy to pressure testing and welding, we continue to move the needle on innovation and performance of manufactured metals.

Forward-Thinking Mindset

We never stop pursuing what’s next. Our dedicated, in-house innovation team keeps a finger on the pulse of customer needs to inform the next generation of solutions.

Protecting Our Greatest Asset

We’re proud to design and manufacture quality products without compromising the safety of our greatest asset — our people. Our reputation for upholding the highest safety standards has earned us recognition as an industry leader in safety management.

Connected and Informed

Our experienced and involved regulatory team ensures that our products and processes meet and exceed requirements — and helps our customers do the same.
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Safer, Faster, Better

Our engineers are an essential ingredient to our products' reputation of performance and reliability. A culture of continuous improvement and a relentless focus on user experience are cornerstones of Worthington Enterprises' engineering operations.
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The Places We Go

Our domestic and international shipping capabilities are built on strong relationships with several of the world’s best forwarders and carriers. Our full-coverage logistics services help ensure your orders arrive safely and reliably.

A History of Trust

Our quality sets us apart. From our team of quality engineers and experts to our consistent ISO certifications and admired best practices, we continue to invest in the quality of our products in order to deepen our customers’ trust.
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Form and Function

Our industrial designers are some of the best advocates for our end users, working in tandem with our innovation team and engineers, to create new and impactful solutions.


Credentials to tackle the toughest challenges.