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Portable Propane
Steel and aluminum cylinders
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Group of steel portable propane cylinders
Group of aluminum portable propane cylinders

We manufacture aluminum and steel portable propane cylinders used in industrial, commercial, construction and residential applications.

Our aluminum and steel portable propane cylinders are engineered for lightweight durability. Each cylinder features a smooth outer finish with clean, dry and scale-free interiors. Comfortable hand-holds in the collar provide easy and convenient portability.
Our steel portable cylinders are economical, rugged and damage-resistant.

Steel Cylinder Features
  • Available in eight sizes, ranging from 4.25 to 100 pounds for recreational, commercial, industrial and home applications
  • 4.25 to 40 pound sizes are equipped with an Overfill Prevention Device (OPD)
  • Rust-inhibiting Durabond powder coat paint
  • Multiple valve configurations adaptable to customer requirements
  • Packaged in individual cartons or with heavy-duty sleeves for shipping protection and extra visual appeal
For applications where weight or corrosive environments are a factor, we recommend our aluminum portable cylinders.

Aluminum Cylinder Features
  • Corrosion-resistant and rust-free
  • 6 to 40 pound sizes are equipped with OPD
  • Non-sparking for greater safety
Like all of our products, our portable propane cylinders meet industry regulations for quality. Plus, all of our cylinders are manufactured in facilities that have won awards for proactive safety practices and regulations. These cylinders are also manufactured to Department of Transportation (DOT) or Transport Canada (TC) specifications in facilities that have a Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001 requirements.


Cylinder Specifications

MeasurementSteel Aluminum
Model/Size4.25 - 100 lbs6 - 40 lbs
Height11.8 - 48 in22.5 - 32.1 in
LPG Capacity1 - 23.6 gal1.4 - 9.4 gal
Water Capacity12 - 239 lbs15 - 95.2 lbs
Cylinder Diameter 9.1 - 14.7 in6.3 - 12.3 in
Cylinder Volume332 - 6,616 cu. in415 - 2,635 cu. in
MeasurementSteel ValueAluminum Value
Model/Size4.25 - 100 lbs6 - 40 lbs
Height300 - 1,219 mm571 - 814 mm
LPG Capacity3.8 - 86.7 L5.4 - 35.6 L
Water Capacity5.4 - 108.4 kg6.8 - 43.2 kg
Cylinder Diameter231 - 373 mm160 - 312 mm
Cylinder Volume5.4 - 108.4 L6.8 - 43.5 L

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